Stuck was originally a feature film called Stuck on Neal.  It was accepted into film festivals spanning both of US coasts.  We had to cut a lot out of the final film to make it to a more admissible run time for the film festivals.  I decided to turn that film into a web series bringing back all the extra goodies that were unfairly left on the cutting room floor.  Now we are wanting to continue that story in Season 2 and wow, there are tons of twist and turns in this season.  This story is important to me because it deals with themes that are important today including Divorce, Racial struggles, Gender equality, LGBT, Grief, struggles of children growing up in a harsh world and many more.  The show can make you laugh and then make you cry.  The characters are diverse that people shouldn't find it hard to connect with one or more of them. 

Rachel Bouckhuyt