Dominique Morgan

I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY human. Who I am, cannot be confined & what I can do, cannot be defined.

My expressions are rooted in truth and aim to be a catalyst for justice. The diversity of my work aligns with each intersection of my identity. I seek to revolutionize my truth into a catalyst for justice.

With my voice, I hope to transform audiences into changemakers. 


788401 Minutes



The Reviews are in!

As a human and musician, Dominique is a treasure for the Nebraska music community,” -- Andrew Norman, Executive Director of Rabble Mill.

Seeing Dominque perform makes you fall even more in love with him. He captivates his audience as a talented vocalist and songwriter but really steals the stage with his storytelling and wit tieing the entire set together with what feels like your favorite hangout and dish session with your best friend. -- Paige Reitz Deputy Director / The Union for Contemporary Art

Dominique is in a comfortable place fronting a band, and he makes it a show. He works the audience, engages and makes people who didn't know him-know what he's about. -- MarQ Manner

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