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Activist | Author | Musician | Coach | Award-winning Artist | TEDx Speaker

Dominique Morgan

"I believe that all people deserve the opportunity to see every moment of their lived experience as valuable."

One of Dominique's mission is to dismantle the systems that perpetuate violence against Black Trans people.

Partnering her lived experience of being impacted by mass incarceration and solitary confinement, with a decade of change-making artistry, advocacy, and background in public health, Dominique continues to work in spaces of sex education, radical self-care, and transformative youth development.

Her intentions are to dismantle the prison industrial complex and a theory she describes as the “gender to prison pipeline”.

"The goal is simple: Everyone deserves an opportunity at dignity; we must fight like hell for it!"

Dominique is a tireless fighter for social justice.

"I've dedicated my life to challenging systems of oppression and empowering the victims thereof, working tirelessly on their behalf so that they can live lives free from violence or discrimination."


Embark on a transformative journey with my workbook, Discovering Your Power.

Discovering Your Power: Harnessing Your Innate Power Through Your Lived Experience.


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Dominique is sought out by many organizations across the U.S. Her vast experience includes speaking, conducting workshops and teaching both individuals & groups. She has spoken at universities, high schools, and professional conferences. Her talks entertain, educate, motivate. If you're interested in hiring Dominique as a speaker or workshop presenter, fill out a booking request.