Dominique Morgan

Music is the roadmap

of my journey through loss, love, and everything in between. My voice is a testament to the complexities of my identity.  Through my songs, I combine universal emotions with my unique lived experiences.


Festival shows

If there’s anything Dominique knows how to do flawlessly, it’s making a statement. With each festival appearance, you can expect a perfectly curated wardrobe to match. As a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, his festival history includes many Pride celebrations.  No matter the occasion, Morgan brings passion and energy to any lineup.  



An annual day of giving with Dominique Morgan for Dom's Favorite Things Holiday Celebrations. They collect donations and assembling care packages for young people at the Douglas County Youth Correctional facility, Youth Emergency Services, and Blackburn High.

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Live performances

From his lyrics, to his various collaborations, Dominique’s love of people shines through when he’s on stage. His transparency creates an energy of intimacy rarely found amongst a crowd of strangers. Morgan’s storytelling weaves a seamless experience that fully engages his listeners. 

behind the scenes

While incarcerated as a juvenile, Dominique Morgan began writing poetry and songs as a way to cope and express his individual experience. For the first time, he is returning to the songs he wrote during that period, which he will perform with a classical music ensemble. 



Sample the soulful singer

Dom’s favorite things 2018

Intro Into music for the broken hearted

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